Justin Achilli (jachilli) wrote,
  • Music: Morrissey, "Life Is a Pigsty"


Wait, wait, wait; now wait a minute here.

Pardon my lack of timeliness, but I just saw this album cover in the iTunes store.

The Dutchess? Fergie's album is titled The Dutchess?

Now, presumably, this is a wordplay on Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, also known as "Fergie." Except that Sarah Ferguson's title is spelled correctly.

Am I missing something? Is Fergie Dutch or some such? Is there a second level to the wordplay here? Or is the title of this album, created by mentally deficient people for mentally deficient people, actually a typographical error? Is this one of those rap things, in which the rapper/producer takes an ignorant pride in not being able to spell properly? Or did the retard in charge of this album genuinely not know how to spell "duchess" and never had anyone look into it?
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